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Welcome to Mrs. Gaffrey's Second Grade Class Webpage 
Mrs. Gaffrey's Class  
Welcome to Second Grade!  We are off and running with IB Themes,
centers, technology, AR reading, Spanish, Library, Computer Lab, Rotations (Art, Music, PE, Dance) and some new (and old) friends!
These students have reached and exceeded their Water Day AR Reading Goal.  Congratulations!
Meghan L.
Abigail F.
 Abigail A.
Meghan A.
Our next IB theme unit will be How the World Works  with the Central Idea:  Earth's events cause changes that impact the natural world and human societies.
Our next IB theme unit is Where We Are in Place and Time, Central Idea:   Students gathered around 6 different photos of global environments to discuss and record their thoughts. 
Students are currently gathering information for their summative project, reseearching a country they will "move to" - What are the landforms, climate, continent, and cultural changes they will encounter?
A few of our Who We Are Summative Projects
Summative projects Summative projects Summative projects Summative projects Summative projects Summative projects Summative projects
 I will save last year's photos and IB unit themes below this point.  It is fun to go and see what we did last year and do some comparing with Second Grade!
 First Grade is over!  Thank you all of you parents and all family members for your support last year.  I look forward to being your child's 2nd grade teacher next year! 
Welcome to the Sight Words Hall of Fame!   Congratulations to these students for passing all 40 sight words lists:
 Andie, Abigail, Angela, Meghan L., Abby, Braylon, Dominic, Bella
  Where We Are in Place and Time.  The Central Idea:  Place and time cause change and adaptation.
WWAIPT Silhouettes Puzzle Pics Puzzle Pics Puzzle Pics Puzzle PIcs  
Thank you to Mrs. Inestroza for teaching us about Abstract Art.  We had a great time creating our own abstract art project!
Mrs. Inestroza abstract art student
class abstract art project
 How the World Works.  Central Idea:  Systems in the natural world change societies. Telescopes Constellations Starry Night
       Star Gazing   
Star Gazing
Thank you for supporting our musical The 3 Piggy Opera!  It was a great success thanks to everyone's hard work and your support! Angela has asked for us to do another play this year, and all I have to say to that is....we year in 2nd grade!!

 How We  Express Ourselves   Central Idea:  Cultural perspectives influence the expression of beliefs and ideas.   How We Express Ourselves
Homemade Drums  Check out our photos from our Who We Are theme study of Honduras, Hopi Pueblo, and Mexico.

Save the Date!
SCA Lombardi First Grade Presents the Musical Production of
The Three Piggy Opera
Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Class photos 2015-2016

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  • Valentine Party  Click for a link to party sign ups



    Upcoming Events:

      Mon., Jan. 16th - MLKing Jr. Holiday

      Thurs., Jan 26th - Science Fair (class project)

      Fri., Jan 27th - 100th day of school!

      Fri., Feb. 3rd -  Poetry and Prose (class poem)

      Mon., Feb. 13 - Holiday

      Tues., Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day party

      Mon., Feb. 20 - President's day



    Accelerated Reader - We reached our first class word goal of  2,000,000 words.  Our current class word count is: 2,686,496

    words!  Now on to our next class goal of 4,000,000 words!

    Travel Buddies is a new idea to reach out to the global community beyond Lombardi.  Thanks to those of you who sent in your Travel Buddy stuffed animal (see the Information link on this website for details)

      **Check out the Twitter feed attached to the Announcements on this Webpage to see where our Travel Buddies have been!

      Travel Buddies have been launched!  Please reach back to us by email or Twitter to let us know where they are travelling in our town, state, country or world!  We will keep track of all Travel Buddy progress in class.  Thank you for helping us with this global project.

      UPDATE ON TRAVEL BUDDIES!  These Travel Buddies have reached back to us from their travels:  Fluffikins, Pinkie , Dottie , Jingles , Bud, Bud (we have two), Swimmy, Snowflake, Moosey.  Recently launched:  Chop, Flash, Cute Bear, Fluffy.  Cute Bear checked in from Santa Monica beach and Las Vegas; Fluffy was last seen in Balch Park!  Newest Travel Buddy Crabby Patty is traveling in Jordan on the continent of Asia. Muffin sent photos from Nome, Alaska, and Chop the lobster is visiting UC Davis!  Braylon's Bud checked in from Boston. Dottie has visited New York, London, Edinburgh, and now is in the Philippines.

    Field Trip Dates

       Feb. 24, 2017   Fossil Discovery Center, Chowchilla (all day)

       April 27, 2017  Local Ag trip to Tenalu Ranch/Setton Pistachio (all day)

       May 5, 2017     Enchanted Playhouse, Visalia (all day)

        May 19, 2017   Farm Day at the Porterville Fair (a.m. or p.m. TBD)


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  • Welcome to Mrs. Gaffrey's Second Grade class in Room 132. We are on our way to a another great year of I.B. learning!

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  • Check your child's SeeSaw account daily.  We are now using it to upload AR quizzes and class announcements, as well as student work and other information.  This is a now district-wide app used in the  Burton School District.  Thanks for your enthusiasm about being a part of it!

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