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Students and Teachers Honored at Semi-Annual Board Recognition Dinner

The Board recognized many students and support staff from across the district with a special dinner reception at Buckley Elementary's cafeteria on Monday, December 5th.  The Board of Trustees take the time two times a year to honor students and staff during a special event that takes the place of their regular board meeting.  Attendees enjoyed a meal provided by the Burton Nutrition Department and entertainment was provided by a group of students from Oak Grove who performed a Christmas play.   
A member of the support staff from each site was honored with vice principals taking a moment to share why each staff member deserved to be recognized.  The messages of dependability, dedication, and flexibility were common themes as staff members were honored.  The support staff honorees from this school year included:
Buckley Elem - Jason Lublin
Summit Mathew - Nancy Campos
Summit Collegiate - Damarys Batista
Oak Grove - Lori Boone
Burton Elem - Tammie Mounce
Summit Lombardi - Christy Hernandez
Burton Middle School - Fabiola Vasquez
Jim Maples Academy - Missy Holterman
Burton Horizon - Kim Hensley 
Students were also honored by being nominated by their teacher for showing exceptional character and effort in the classroom.  Teachers shared a little about each student before a board member greeted the student with a handshake and a medal.  The following students were honored:

- Addison Cervantes (K) - Mrs. Harness
- Isaac Robles (1st) - Mrs. Hasnain
- Beliairene Castillo Leon (2nd) - Mr. Edwards
- Ronald Cruz (3rd) - Miss Kavern
Summit Mathew
- Emily Alvarado (K) - Ms. Silva
- Sofia Bell (1st) - Mrs. Solis
- Roman Ramirez (2nd) - Mrs. Chavez
- Diana Sosa (3rd) - Mrs. Avila
Summit Collegiate
- Elise White (7th)
- Madison Bounds (8th)
Oak Grove
- Jayden Drake (4th) - Mr. Andrade
- Emilio Herrera (5th) - Mr. Guerrero
- Silver Lopez (6th) - Mr. Haslam
Burton Elem
- Haylee Pombo (K) - Mrs. Jenkins
- Mauro Maciel Sanchez (1st) - Mrs. Zito
- Marcelina Cabatu (2nd) - Mrs. Barksdale
- Jesus Martinez (3rd) - Mrs. Taylor
Summit Lombardi
- Ezra Sierra (K) - Mrs. Luna
- Cooper Baxter (1st) - Mrs. Ward
- Paola Hernandez (2nd) - Mr. Stadtherr
- Gryphen Speck (3rd) - Mrs. Melton
Burton Middle School
- Malverde Gaxiola (8th)
- Chloye Kiner (8th)
Burton Horizon
- Abril Briones (9th)
- Hailey Perez (11th)
Jim Maples Academy
- Jace Salinas (K) - Mrs. Benson
- Itzayana Quintero Cortez (2nd) - Mrs. Della
- Prisila Lara (4th) - Miss Snook
- Abigail Rodarte (5th) - Ms. Sonksen